There's nothing better than earning cash for promoting the products you love! You're probably already promoting them anyway, so you may as well get paid like a Boss Witch. 

When you join the Basic Witch Affiliate Program, you get a personal code for 20% off to treat yourself AND a 15% off code to give to others. Every time someone uses your 15% off code, you earn 10% of the sale! This is one of the best affiliate deals around. 

To submit for consideration, fill out the form below and begin the message with "Affiliate Submission," and include the following:



Instagram Handle

In the event that your submission is accepted, you will need to create an account. Once you have created an account, you will receive an email containing your codes. You will also need to provide your PayPal email address in order to receive payment. Commission payment is made on the 1st of every month if your commission exceeds $10. If your commission is less than $10, the amount will roll over to the following month. You will receive a copy of your commissions report with your payment. 

*By becoming an affiliate, you are entering an agreement to be an ACTIVE ambassador and help promote Basic Witch Botanicals. If it becomes apparent that you are not promoting BWB, not sharing your "friends + followers" code, and/or only using your personal 20% off code for yourself, your account is subject to termination. Likewise, if your account is inactive for 120 days, your account is subject to termination. 

Feel free to include within this form any further questions that you may have.

Thank you for your support and blessed be!

xx Dannica