Uva Ursi

Uva Ursi

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Organic Uva Ursi // Arctostaphylos uva ursi


Uva ursi is commonly referred to as "bearberry." The Latin name uva ursi was derived because the plant’s red berries are eaten by bears—the name literally translates to “bear’s grape.”

The primary health claims of Uva Ursi are those in nature to urinary tract and bladder infections. Uva ursi’s infection-fighting properties come from several of the plant’s natural chemicals, including arbutin and hydroquinone. It also has tannins, a property that enables uva ursi to have an astringent effect. This effect is what is thought to lend itself to helping fight infection by reducing inflammation.

In spellcraft, uva ursi is a ceremonial herb used for protection, strength, and shamanic vision. 

Your uva ursi will arrive in a sealed bag, in either a half-ounce or ounce. 

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