Snakeroot (Echinacea)

Snakeroot (Echinacea)

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Organic Snakeroot // Echinacea Purpurea


Echinacea is known as Purple Coneflower, or simple as Echinacea, by modern-day enthusiasts, but it was also known as Snakeroot in many Native American cultures. It is called snakeroot because it grows from a thick black root that the Plains Indians used to treat snake bites. It is best known as a popular over-the-counter herbal remedy for the cold and flu. It is often paired with Golden Seal Root, as the two work together complimentarily to boost immunity. Echinacea plants contain an impressive variety of active compounds, such as caffeic acid, alkamides, phenolic acids, rosmarinic acid, and polyacetylenes to name a few, and is incredibly high in antioxidants. 

Native shamans were said to fashion small totems from the snakeroot to wear about their persons to strengthen their magic powers and inner defenses during rituals and to keep away negative or infectious spirits and energies. Burning snakeroot was used for room clearing and around sick people, who would often have the flowers and leaves sprinkled on their beds.

In spellcraft, snakeroot is used for strength, prosperity, protection, as flower offerings, and adding it to any spell or charm will increase effectiveness. 

Your snakeroot will arrive in a sealed bag, in either a half-ounce or ounce. 

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